Hi, I'm Daniel.

Cybersec freelance writer. I write tech content that converts.

What if you took writing off your plate?

I know it may be scary to let someone else handle the comunication with your audience, but rest assured: I know how to explain stuff to your customer's in their words, I never miss a deadline, and after a few weeks working together, you'll become used to just having content fresh out of the oven every week and watching your business grow. 

That's because I write to captivate your readers and generate more business to you. SEO is a great way to be found in a world full of noise, so I optimize my conrent for that, but from there onwards, you want people to keep come back to your website, don’t you? I do that – that’s my job.


Things I can help you with

In a nutshell: content for businesses looking to increase orconvert their website traffic at many stages of the funnel (people need 3 to 5 touches before commiting to buying; and those who do are more likely to be customers for longer.)

Content creation

Build a content archive that generates leads for years with the power of relevancy and SEO. Think of it as the compound interest of your business.

Depending on your needs and budget, content creation packages can include:

  • Blog posts around topics you’ve defined
  • Help with detailed content goals
  • SEO keyword suggestions
  • Evergreen topic ideas 
  • Ghostwriting, either on your own blog or guest posting in another website under your name or brand
  • A detailed and shared content calendar, including target draft and publication dates

Content refreshes

I work with you to research, refine, and produce topics that strategically target your audience. As a process nerd, I also have a ton of fun setting up publishing workflows and operational systems.

If you already have a blog with good organic traffic, a quick way of collecting those small wins is to look at what already works – and make it better.

Content refresh package includes:

  • A site review and list of posts that are ideal for refreshes
  • Recommended target keywords, including related keywords
  • Specific recommendations for improving each post
  • Updated posts that are more interesting, engaging, and competitive
  • A copy of previous versions, in case you ever need to revert.

Pricing depends on the number of posts you’d like to update and the length of each article.


Got a question about something that doesn’t really warrant paying for any of the above services? Ask away. General advice is free, gratis, my friend.


You got questions, I got answers

1. Who do you work with?

I (only) work with tech companies that understand the power of content. This generally means SaaS that sell their product online, and have either seen first-hand or strongly believe that content marketing works, but haven’t gotten around it yet.

2. Awsome! But I mean, individually, who do you work with?

Ah, of course! I coordinate with editors, designers, developers and other content strategists for one-time or ongoing projects.

3. And what services do you offer?

I write content for blogs, refresh content for blogs, and occasionally dabble in writing email sequences and such. Please refer to the previous section for more details.

4. Do you disappear during projects?

Nope, I don’t clock at 5 pm and call it a day. You definitively will be able to get a hold of me outside of the 9-5.

5. How do I know you’ll have time for me and not miss deadlines?

I slightly underschedule to make sure I give the necessary attention to each of my clients. I would rather have a smaller number of close clients that can depend on me than try to keep grabbing one-off offers.

6. Do you ghostwrite?


7. How do you price your stuff?

I charge per word or per article. The rate includes research, writing, implementing SEO best practices, inserting screenshots and images, and linking to existing content in your blog.

8. Do you have a project minimum?

Yes, I’ve found a piece is pretty unlikely to rank on the first page on Google with less than 1,200 words, so all my packages start from there.

9. Which payments methods do you accept?

I only accept wire transfers or direct deposits in United States (ACH), Europe (SEPA) and Australia. 

Alternatively, you can pay me directly in Bitcoins or other crytocurrencies – I will even give you a discount in this case.

10. So no PayPal?

Hell naw. I’ve had problems with PayPal and credit card processors over the years, and it’s always a big headache to sort it out.

If you need to pay with credit card, I can walk you through how to buy Bitcoin with your credit card, and you can pay me in Bitcoin.

11. Do you charge for meetings, calls, etc?

Yes, all calls, meetings, etc are billed by the hour and rounded up to the next quarter hour. A two-minute call will be billed for 15 minutes, and a 16-minute call will be billed for 30 minutes.

I’ve found that, unless a call is strictly necessary, all comunications are much better for both parties if we stick to email:

  • We don’t need to find time in each other schedules,
  • We both have an archive of what has been said,
  • If you need to swap or include somone into the project they’ll have access to past conversations and will be able to get up to speed faster,
  • It forces both of us to organize our throughts better.

If you ever read Deep Work by Cal Newport, none of this is news to you.

12. How do I know you are the right writer for me?

Client-writer fit is important for a prosperous and long relationship, so I appreciate the interest. In my experience, these are the traits that ensure such relationship:

  • You know good content can bring return to your investment. Content creation is one of the most profitable investments you can make in the long run for your business, but you already know that.
  • You think in the long-term. Customers are becoming more educated today. It takes more than just a few points of contact to convert sales.
  • You believe your message should be clear before anything else. At the end of the day, you want the content on your website to be profitable. And for it to be profitable, it must be understood.


It doesn't have to end like this


public key

If you want to talk about how AI is going to change our lives forever in the next decade, or the clever scripts you wrote to automate the boring parts of your life, or your new content project, I'm already listening. (You’ll make my day if you include what your project is about, how fast do you need it done and your budget.)

Thanks for stopping by!

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